When the soul cries

I fell asleep on the sofa, suddenly I stood in the presence of God. I couldn’t see him as one sees another in the flesh. I seen his outline as a transparent spirit. My first reaction was to approach him as if I had to give to receive. Quickly and sternly he said, “No!” I don’t want anything from you; I just want to love you. God took me in his arms holding me against his chest; fathering me. He seen the child hidden tucked silently in the appearance of a mature woman. Arms reaching out in desperation broken, suffering and longing to be loved. The tears of the soul crying out ,” If someone don’t love me I’m going to die.” A voice that was silenced by pain, abandonment and sexual abuse. He looked beyond my sin, and shame; He seen a torn soul. I awoke as I was being laid back on the sofa. I would hear him talking to me as I slept at night, whispering softly, “I love you.”


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